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This was my first film. I’ve always wondered how my first film experience would be, it was really hard and we faced many problems. It was a great challenge for us and finally we made it. It consumed a lot of time and required patience. We met new people like the Tirupur cleaning association squad and learned how to survive on our own. I personally felt immense joy and pleasure while serving the poor people with food. We had to convince the public because we were riding fast in a residential area. The journey was memorable one, and this wouldn’t be possible without my crew.

Sincere thanks to all the teachers who supported us.

                                                                                          – MILESTONE Productions

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Tirupur general association squad
Behind the scenes




Cast And Crew
Written & Directed – L.Jayasurya

Screenplay – Sathurvedan

Camera – Arvind

Editing & Sound mixing – Sathurvedan

Dialogue – Sathurvedan & Jayasurya
Nikkil Ram

Shrinath Kumar



Rithik Pranav


Sugesh Kumaran


Charru Mithra
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Republic Day Celebration -Reflection.

Celebrating the great Indian pride “Republic Day”:In India we celebrate republic on January 26th each year this was the 68th republic day,On this day our CAS coordinator MR. Rolf Swaminathan addressed us to participate in a drill which is held during the republic day celebration.There was three activities:Free Hand Exercises, Yoga Asanas and Human Pyramids.I decided to take part in Free Hand Exercises because it was easy compared to Yoga Asanas and Human Pyramids,We were trained by Mr.Prem and Mr.Rajesh sir.
First, whole school started to assemble in the gallery near the ground. Then, the MC people came in front of the gallery and told us to stand for the prayer song. Then, the chief guests were called the the VIP seats. The chief guests were the two top ranking student Nishanth Kumar and Mithin Nehru Babu who scored 45 on 45 and 44 on 45 respectively.Then we had a devotional song sung by PYP students then the flag hoisting by our chief guests. we sang our national anthem while hoisting the flag,We had cultural dances and songs carried out by students.Student from DP 2 had a great march fast.Then we had free hand exercise, yoga asanas and human pyramid that we had practiced. While i was performing i was very nervous first but i felt confident afterwards.

It was an amazing experience.

Finally, I would like to thank Mr.Prem and Mr.Rajesh sir for making this happen.

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Preparation for Republic Day Celebration-Journal

Day 1 :

Our first event was on the Republic day. Our coach told us about the three performances which we were to perform. They were free-hand exercise, yoga and pyramid. Everyone in my grade were chosen to do the free-hand exercise (A set of exercises which looks good when a huge group of people do it together). This could also be called co-ordination exercise. It looks easy, but to do it together we needed a good practice which was achieved by the patience of the coach.


Day 2:

Our coach told us to do Yoga it was difficuly for me so i did not participate in this.


Day 3:

On this day our coach told us to do pyramid formation even this also was difficult for me to do,But i enjoyed seeing my friends doing it.

pyramid formation