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Preparation for Republic Day Celebration-Journal

Day 1 :

Our first event was on the Republic day. Our coach told us about the three performances which we were to perform. They were free-hand exercise, yoga and pyramid. Everyone in my grade were chosen to do the free-hand exercise (A set of exercises which looks good when a huge group of people do it together). This could also be called co-ordination exercise. It looks easy, but to do it together we needed a good practice which was achieved by the patience of the coach.


Day 2:

Our coach told us to do Yoga it was difficuly for me so i did not participate in this.


Day 3:

On this day our coach told us to do pyramid formation even this also was difficult for me to do,But i enjoyed seeing my friends doing it.

pyramid formation





I am studying in THE INDIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL[Coimbatore]. in DP-1 I was born on 23 Dec 2000

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